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There are many ways to configure tables / chairs

Which way will work best for your event.?
   Round Tables will seat up to 10 chairs
   Classroom (18" x 6') will seat up to 3 chairs
   Our 3' x 6' tables will also seat up to 3 chairs

The photo to your left is our NEWLY Remodeled
East Side Room(s) 5 , 6 and 7.  These rooms can be configured as 3 seperate / 2 seperate and a single or one very large room.  Audio and Video are all available.

Standard Classroom Setting

Any configuration of these tables will work.  This set up is for 16 classroom tables to accomodate 48 people.

Conference Seating

The solid conference table is set-up to for 24 people.  This can be made larger or smaller all depends on your needs.

Conference Hollow

The hollow conference setting will also hold 24 people and can be larger or smaller as needed.

Conference 'U'

The conference set-up has an open end and is idea for a speaker or a video projector and screen.  It will seat 19 people and can be be larger or smaller.

Theater Seating

Several events use this seating for conferences and meetings.  We have placed up to 1200 chairs in our main hall with a stage at the front and video screens on either side of the stage..

Round Tables / Half Moon

These Round Tables have 6 or 8 chairs with an opening for people to view a speaker or video screen without turning your chair very much.

Round Tables / Full

These Rounds have 8 but can also hold up to 10 chairs for banquets and meetings.  We can easily place over 600 people at one event in our Main Hall.

Main Hall Classroom

Here is our main hall with an event for over 800 people.  Picture was taken from the stage facing west.